Pastors & Staff

Brad & Kim Oyler

Lead Pastors

Pastor Brad Oyler is a lifetime resident of Independence, MO. He was saved at the age of 24 and was miraculously delivered from a life of alcoholism and addiction instantaneously by the grace of God. Armed with an incredible testimony, he was ready to share it with everyone. It didn’t take long for him to feel the undeniable call to the ministry. He soon began volunteering in his local church and eventually served as their Youth Pastor.

He began his full-time pastoral ministry as an Outreach Pastor where he served for more than 10 years. Pastor Brad is a hard worker and is revered by all who know him as a man’s man. He is a great example of compassion strength and humility. His preaching style is down to earth and relatable to a new believer or seasoned Christian. His stories will make you laugh, cry, reflect on your life and are guaranteed to make sure you never forget the Biblical principles he is illustrating.
He is partnered in ministry with his wife and comedic sidekick, Kim for the past 27 years. She also serves the church in administration and women’s ministries. Kim relates to the ministry with much transparency, grace and joy. She brings much laughter to the church through her animated weekly adventures of the Oyler household. Brad and Kim serve alongside their four handsome sons Smith, Ethan, Cooper and Parker. 

Jeremy & Darci Trotter

Worship Pastors

Jeremy and Darci Trotter joined the staff at Courageous Life Church as Worship Pastors in June of 2014. They have served in ministries such as worship pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors, creative arts/design and young adult pastors for 16+ years across the Midwest.

“It is our desire to see a genuine move of God in the lives of all those that we come in contact with, as it is in God’s presence lives are changed and transformed.  It is our goal to provide an intimate atmosphere where God can meet with us each time we worship together. We believe that worship is a lifestyle in which we come together to celebrate as a congregation and embrace daily in our own personal time with God.  While living a consistent Godly life, we strive to show the love of God to all, in and out of a church setting. We endeavor to connect with adults, young adults, and youth by opening our home and our lives. We feel blessed to partner together with other pastors and staff with the same heartbeat and vision."

Levi & Danielle Hinson

Media Pastors

Levi and Danielle Hinson joined the staff at Courageous Life Church in early 2012. They have served in ministries such as youth pastors, children’s pastors, nursery pastors, and media pastors since CLC began in 2012.

Ethan & Nicole Oyler

Youth Pastors

Ethan and Nicole Oyler became Youth Pastors for Courageous Life Church in 2017.

"Myself and my beautiful wife, Nicole, are the youth pastors at Courageous Life Church.  We call ourselves Crew62. There isn’t anything else I would rather be doing. I have been a Christian my whole life and I am filled with the Holy Spirit. My father, Brad Oyler, is the senior pastor at Courageous Life Church and I am proud to serve with him. I attended both private and public school and am currently attending Bible College so I have views and perspectives on both sides. I want to connect and mentor our young people so we can raise up leaders and change makers in the world. I am called to make this a place of worship and learning. We have created a family atmosphere within the group where young people can escape and be themselves and have support from friends and leaders. Here at Crew62, we are a family and we support everyone from all walks of life and we accept everyone with open arms. Youth is for ages 12-18.  Service times are 6-8pm on Sunday nights. You can expect a night full of games, snacks, worship and an excellent service. I hope you check us out!  We would love to have you!" -Ethan

Devon & Anna Tiemann

Children's Pastors

Devon and Anna Tiemann became Children's Pastors for Courageous Life Church in 2022.

"We are excited to be on the team at Courageous Life Church as the children's pastors. Our passion is to see the kids develop a relationship with God that will last them for the rest of their lives. We have a desire for the kids ministry to be a safe place where the kids are able to grow in their relationship with God and make lasting relationships with others. We are excited to be on the staff of Courageous Life Church because everyone is treated like family, you simply could not find better people anywhere else. We also believe that church should be fun! We want our kids to enjoy church and learning about God!"

Lucious and Liz Mondaine

Outreach  and Evangelism Pastors

Lucious and Liz Mondaine joined the staff of Courageous Life Church in February of 2022 as the Pastors of Outreach and Evangelism. They have been members of CLC since it began in 2012. Lucious graduated from South Bend Indiana Master’s Commission in 2003. He was Outreach coordinator at the Kansas City Dream Center, substance abuse support counselor for Living Stones Discipleship. They have served on various Ministries leadership roles including youth ministry, children's ministry, evangelism, outreach, and mentoring.

Above everything else Lucious has a heart to see people transformed by the power of the Gospel and to reach their God given purpose. Their goal is to help expand our community outreach and impact. In their time in ministry they’ve seen that even the smallest act can have a large impact, and they are excited to be part of the team to continue to see what God can do through CLC!

Chandler and Abbie Seevers

Young Adults and Associate Youth Pastors

Chandler has been attending Courageous life Church for 6 years,  and Abbie has been attending for 3. Chandler and Abbie met here at Courageous Life Church! Not too long after that, they decided they wanted to get married! They have been apart of our youth group since they began attending and have been serving at Crew62 since. They both have been called and feel lead to the next generation. They want to see more of the next generation follow and commit their lives to Jesus. They both have a burning desire to serve God with all that they have. Chandler is attending global university to become a certified/licensed minister and follow the call God has laid on his heart.